Borough Local Plan

The Borough Local Plan is a statutory document which will form the basis of planning and development decisions for the period up to 2033 and, when it is finally adopted, will replace the current local plan which is out-of-date. It has had a long gestation period. The first draft came out in 2014 and the latest version: Borough Local Plan 2013-2033 incorporating Proposed Changes, appeared in October 2019. 


Our principal concern has been the extent of new housing development proposed in Cookham, which will amount to some 270 new homes on 3 sites.  Our contention is that the plan has failed to take account of the impact of this development on village services and on local roads, in particular The Pound and Cookham bridge. Our representations at the EIP also included: changes to Green Belt policy, which we consider would have a negative impact on Cookham Dean; agricultural development; the Royal Borough’s proposed policy on tall buildings; and the designation of the Poundfield as a Local Green Space.  All the representations will be considered by the EIP (Examination in Public) inspector, who will have to advise the Royal Borough whether she considers the plan is ‘sound’ and should proceed to adoption.  Her recommendations are expected this spring.