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The Society has put in place the following procedures and measures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations that come in to force on the 25th May 2018.  These regulations supersede the old Data Protection Act.


Under the terms of the legislation, the Society is required to notify you about what information we keep about you, how we collect that information, why we keep it, its purpose and use and what measures we have in place to ensure the security of that data.  We are also obliged to inform you of your new rights of access, inspection, correction, blocking and deletion of the data and to inform you that we retain HMRC Gift Aid information. We must also inform you of the Society’s policy relating to secure deletion and disposal of your data so that it is not kept unnecessarily.


What we keep:

The information we hold is obtained from your membership application forms and consists of name and address, your partner’s name (where applicable), the number of adults in your household, telephone number(s) email address, current membership and subscription details, donations and gift aid records.


How we collect it and store it:

The information is collected, held and processed by your elected Membership Secretary electronically on a password-protected computer and on secure back-up devices held by another elected officer.  Paper copies of our members’ application forms, bankers’ orders and membership subscription renewal forms are held under lock and key by the Membership Secretary.


Why we keep it:

We store and use this data to run the Society’s database, to enable us to distribute mail, newsletter and subscription renewal letters.


How long we keep it:

We retain each member’s data for the duration of their membership and for a further 6 years after, in order to comply with HMRC’s retention rules regarding Gift Aid records.  It is then securely deleted electronically and/or by shredding as appropriate thereafter.


Your rights over your data:

Under the new regulations, you have the right to inspect your personal records, have inaccuracies corrected, to block its use for processing and to have it deleted from our records.  Your contact in this regard, is the Society’s Membership Secretary and Data Protection Officer, as detailed below. 


Access by other parties:

Other than passing banker’s orders information to your bankers, the only dissemination of your data outside the Society’s care is to our graphic designer and the MailChimp organization who are given a list of members’ email addresses for the purposes of distributing the newsletters and other news alerts. 


Archived information:

The Society also securely holds historic, archived records of past, and in some cases, still subscribing founder members and Officers of the Society in the forms of names, addresses and dates.  All rights listed above apply to these members.


Marketing and Advertising:


The Society will not pass your data to any outside agency for the purposes of marketing or advertising.


International Communication:

The Society’s data will not be transmitted outside UK borders.  We may correspond directly with the one or two members who now reside abroad.

The Cookham Society greatly appreciates your continued membership and support.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

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