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The Committee - March 2023


We are a cheerful and enthusiastic group of people from a wide range of backgrounds and are always on the lookout for enthusiastic people to help on the committee. If you love Cookham as we do why not join us and become actively involved, helping to make a difference to where you live?

The main committee meets once every two months and sub committees get together more frequently to look at planning or environment issues. For further information please contact our secretary Lysette Penston on 01628 473862.

Tom Denniford, Winter Hill Road, Cookham Dean, Tel: 01628 482403


Bill Perry, Sutton Road, Cookham, Tel 07887 645261

Lysette Penston, Grubwood Lane, Cookham Dean, Email:
Tel: 01628 308906

Mark Chapman, Sutton Road, Cookham, Email:

Lysette Penston, As above

Membership secretary:

Stephen Cooke, Hockett Lane, Cookham Dean, Email:
Committee members:
Dick Scarff, Bradcutts Lane, Cookham Dean, Tel: 01628 528955

Barry Weare, Roman Lea, Cookham, Tel: 01628 528682

Liz Peters, High Road, Cookham Rise, Tel: 08957 136065

Fiona Beaumont, Grange Road, Cookham, Tel: 01628 531151

John Zealley, Terrys Lane, Cookham Dean, Tel: 07768 612499

Ossie Wardell-Yerburgh, The Pound, Cookham, Tel: 01628 528041

Jonathan Foord, The Pound, Cookham, Tel: 07702 265131

Andy Harle, Southwood Gardens, Cookham, Tel: 07437 017829

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