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Membership is open to anyone interested in the well-being of Cookham. By joining and giving your support – be it merely by subscribing or by taking a more active role - you strengthen the Society’s position. Currently we have over 600 members, an amazing number for the size of our community. We always need more full members because representing as many residents and visitors as possible enables the Society to be stronger and more effective.

Please note the following before completing your membership application form:-

Payment: Contact your bank to set up an annual standing order (regular payment) and reference it with the last three digits of your postcode and surname. The minimum payment is £5.00 which just covers the cost of our twice yearly newsletters delivered to your door, so please feel free to increase it and support us further if you wish, thank you. Please make the first payment now and thereafter annually to: - The Cookham Society, A/C No: 64226026, Sort Code: 60-13-35


Gift Aid: The government scheme adds tax relief to your Membership Subscription and/or Donation. For every £1 you give, the government will add 28p from your taxes. It doesn't cost you a penny more and all your membership subscriptions and / or donations in future will also be topped up with Gift Aid.

If you need assistance, please contact our secretary Lysette Penston tel: 01628 308906.

Membership Application Form

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Thanks, we'll be in touch.

If you'd prefer to use a paper version download here and follow the instructions.


Join our Facebook Group and have your say in discussions about issues affecting Cookham. It's great to have more voices on board but please remember that we need subscribed full members to count towards our support base.



We are a cheerful and enthusiastic group from a wide range of backgrounds and are always on the lookout for people to help on the committee. If you love Cookham as we do why not join us and become actively involved, helping to make a difference to where you live? The main committee meets once every two months and sub committees get together more frequently to look at planning or environment issues. We always need more members, whether or not you have planning expertise, social media skills or just a willingness to help in any way we'd love to hear from you.
For further information please contact our secretary Lysette Penston email:


If you would like to make a donation to help us keep Cookham a place residents are proud to call their home, a great place to work or visit then please email:



You can help to ensure that we have the resources to continue to preserve and protect our unique heritage  for future generations. As a charity, we do not receive a direct state grant or subsidy for our work. The income from membership fees only covers our basic running costs and, therefore, we depend on legacies for the essential funds that help us to implement long-term plans and allow us to meet major challenges, both now and in the future.

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